so uh rayquaza from pokeyman reference or snake thing that has berd named after it.
uh the entry thing
The feathered serpent Troodoboa is most active as a hunter during the rainy season. This may be one reason for its green coloration: camouflaging the creature against murky water and wet earth. Despite their brilliant color, it is the cranial feathers of the Troodoboa that have earned the creature its DPG nickname: ‘sky snake!’

heh pokeyman
Just wanted to say this since I think many people don’t read the info page of the creatures.
may be referencing the Aztec god but meh rayquaza is inspired by that to

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I think it’s more a reference to the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl rather than the “pokeyman” Rayquaza.


well, true just wanted to poke fun at this information