Refr super distraction on cloak

I had a battle using Refrenantem and Indotaurus already have cloak on last round,
When I use super distraction
It should remove dodge, but not on Indotaurus,

Is it normal should be?

Can someone give me some clue.

SD only removes Dodge, not cloak


Dodge isn’t the same as Cloak


I know cloak and dodge is different
There is no much skill is only dodge,
For example like sidestep.
So if target use sidestep ref only remove dodge but not increased speed, if my memory is correct,

So why cloak can not be remove only dodge part?

Because the Cloaks dodge is part of the Cloak

If you saying so,
Then maybe I assume,
Dodge is also part of sidestep…
Is this correct?
So remove dodge is not remove sidestep, correct?
Why dodge can remove from sidestep buy not cloak
Is my kind of question…
Maybe this is the way it is,
But I need more to be convince.

I’m talking about the Cloak effect not the ability

Sidestep is an ability the dodge from the sidestep is an effect

Remove dodge is remove dodge effect

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So your explanation mean it’s more like the word play?
Like using quotes or not?


cloak ”dodge…attack…”
Sidestep speed…dodge…

Then remove dodge is available from sidestep but not cloak?

Just word play is what it is?

The capture you take is not inside of game,
So I retake from game screen,

The only difference between sidestep and cloak

About dodge is not so much…
And the line is little different…

If this is the one you mean
Then that is kind of a word play I will say it is.

After all I just want to say “remove dodge” sure is not “remove sidestep” or “remove cloak”
But the results on sidestep and cloak is different…

I just want to know it’s word play or not…

Oooh nvm :confused:

Cloak is a very odd case, I wouldn’t mind trying to find a logical explanation because it doesn’t have one