Refranantem cooldown needs to be 2 again

Im ticked off at ludia for making ref super distraction a cooldown of 3. The reason is becauee i need ref for imperatosuchus because im hapfway to unlocking the impera but i need the ref to still habe a cooldown of 2.


Changing the cooldown indeed was the wrong way to nerf Ref. Personally I do not care about the raid strats at all, but with this “nerf” Ref is still too strong.

So yes, please change the cooldown back to 2 but combine it with a removal of the DoT and some HP reduction :slight_smile:


Since the eastern hemisphere will get to work out new strategies for Impera first, then Europe, I’m hoping someone will post a strategy or two with the change by the time I get up here in the states Wednesday morning.

I’ll try to come up with one if no one has any. I’m 2/3 of the way to getting Impera. I have 3, 28 Refs with no boosts on them yet and a 26 Para. I can try other ways. I have 2, 30 raid Thors and a 28 Mortem. I can try Para, 2 Refs and a Morem or Thor.


What i feared from the start. Ref got a nerf that hits its raid vaiability more than its pvp viability that most people asking for a nerf actually asked for

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DOT removal and a small health nerf is exactly what most players were requesting, instead we got an ancillary stun removal and the extra move cooldown.

I get that DOT makes sense for Ref to have (Poisonous spit) but it’s a little too dangerous. Maybe nerf the Damage Over Time to 10%? Then you would actually have time to survive the damage. A health nerf and the removal of it’s Stun and Vulnerability resistances would make it better.

And why in the world would you give an animal explosive spit ludia?

Just use two mortem,turo and prat stat is much better. ThAn ref

but but ref was fun :stuck_out_tongue: i,m going to see if i can get snake plisken in the mix :stuck_out_tongue:

Some raid strats I found on Discord, updated with the recent Super Distraction nerf. Hopefully these work so Ref’s cooldown doesn’t need changing.

keep dreaming lol there are more strats.!!

That’s how Jurassic park portrayed Dilophosaurus, right!
Being both Dilophosaurus & Refrenantem are therepods, Ludia followed on the footsteps of JP.