Refrenanatem Buff

Despite it being one of the best looking Dinos in the game Refrenanatem is probably the weakest of the Apex dinos, in my opinion this is simply down to its resistances and it’s distracting counter. A Dino built to distract and inflict bleed isn’t immune to the things it is built for.

I just want to propose a simple change to what Refrenanatem can do

The distracting counter should be at 15% base, with the alert being at 20-30%.

Let me know what you think


I think one of the things he needs is a proper damage buff

The damage is pretty high for a cunning, so no. It needs a better T1 more than damage buff


To be honest out of all the apex Dino’s it has the worst turn 1. All it can do is alert nullification and cunning strike. I would replace cunning rampage with cunning impact


That’s probably worse for it overall… I feel giving it Revenge Cunning Rampage or removing Super Distraction’s Delay could be good, maybe something else.


Nullification is actually decent enough since it’s and instant maybe make the distraction it gives higher, make it 75% at base and 100% when alert

Wow thats honestly a good buff.i would replace counter distraction with medium cunning counter-attack

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Yeah revenge cunning rampage would be good. Just something to give it a better turn 1 option

Honestly I don’t see an issue with the move set just the resistances, and the amount of distraction it gives the opponent. but yes maybe one of the two last moves should be available straight away

Making another revenge Dino isn’t the play I don’t think since it’s a swap in distraction anyway

maybe make the nullifying instant do damage, or as Jujjuuuu stated, make the counter do damage, like a minor cunning counter attack, which could remove crit and reduce damage on each hit, make it do half damage on a counter (like hadros but cunning) then it would be good.


I really want to use ref and I would of if hasst maximus didn’t exists. At the moment I’m leaning towards using it, depending if we get a shuffle or not.

But I like the idea of it having the same counter as dilophoboa and leave the moves as they are.
Would help with the swap in meta because the counter applies swap prevention and it also has a decent distraction %.

You swap into a fierce and you instantly get the 50% distraction from the counter then you don’t need a strong turn 1 since your oppent won’t do as much dmg from the distraction or they are forced to swap(if they have immunity). This allows you to get a set up move for free either a strike or apply more distraction with alert nullify.

That hurts it’s damage output however. Perhaps pounce or precise pounce? Gives it great turn 1 damage and continues to damage redeuce.


I agree with the resistances and definitely agree that it doesn’t have a good turn 1 move. I think super distraction doesn’t need a delay and since it’s not high damage and most things it counters are dot resistant, it shouldn’t be a problem or make it OP. It’s got decent dmg output and hence don’t think it needs to be increased in dmg. It’s just about reorganizing the move set and resistance. Good job on the rework.

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he is fine