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Refrenantem boss battle

What Dinos do you think will be used to take down the apex dilo


I have a feeling Tryo might be one to use, since Dilos predominantly use distract Tryo could cleanse with Ready To Crush. I feel this would be the case with Refrenantem. I could be wrong. I am also thing Toura might be used as well as Mort for the heavy hitting damage. Again this is just my guess


Depends on what it’s minions are. :thinking:

Minions will probably some sort of Fierce dino like Concavonator or Megalosaurus. Or maybe a Resilient like Megaloceros.

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would be interesting if there was a flock creature as a minion, don’t know if that’d be annoying to deal with or not but just a theory


Can’t wait to see the flock apex, each round you have to kill it 3 times and it can bring a dead member back… knowing Ludia it’ll have a move that shields dodges distracts and heals itself 1/3 and be 5 rounds…


oh yes that would be interesting I think knowing it has “3 lives” 3 rounds would be good, but that’s just me. Though I would guess this apex, like the others, is just huge in the raid but hilariously small when unlocked and I would love that


I have made a strat that works, it can be adjusted to the minions, it requires gemini, diorajasaur, ardentismaxima and tuoramoloch

Don’t give them the idea :joy:

If it uses a lot of Cunning abilities, it’d be pointless to bring Tryo into the mix.

More than likely, the best strat will probably involve Tuora and Tenontorex at high levels.

that’s true. And if the minions are able to speed up the whole team, we’ll really be in trouble. If that’s the case, we’ll need Toura more than usual.

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Refrenantem sounds like it will be distracting ( Instant distraction, distracting impact, etc.) so you would need a resilient, preferably one with armour and cleansing.

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Knowing the Apex bosses it won’t just be as simple distracting impact… they’d probably have some sort of rampaging move that lowers the attack by 75% plus lowers the crit rate plus slows us down all in one go. You know, something hecka extra.

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Distraction wont do much because it has 90% resistance to distraction.though I find Unique bird very helpful here to distract the group impact minion

ive just realized that searing spray removes dodge, so the bird is pointless here.skoola is going to be better

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Anything with Resilient Moves I think will just destroy it. It doesn’t have Resistances against Speed Reduction and only a 50% Damage Reduction Resistance so I’m not seeing the boss as the main threat on the field. However, the difficulty of this boss really depends on the Minions. If it has Fierce Minions all the Resilient Attackers may be in for a HUGE problem. Still, maybe just a strong Group Attack like Group Decelerating Rampage is all you need to get the job done. We won’t know until the raid is released. As for specific dinosaurs, I see Geminititan being a good pick as it has Resilient Strike, Resists Damage Reduction and is Immune to Speed Reduction just incase there’s a Decelerating Minion, has Good HP, Group Decelerating Rampage, Definite Shield Advantage just incase there’s a Shielding or Dodge Minion, Immune to Stun just incase there’s a Stun Minion, Resist Taunt for Obvious Reasons, Resists Vulnerable just incase there’s a Vulnerability-Inducing Minion, and Group Invincibility. Overall Great Counter for pretty much everything that could come your way. It is weak to Wound, so you might want to watch out for that, but otherwise I see Geminititan as a great pick.

I think that the specific details have been already leaked.

I can see Paramoloch being useful, as the Refren has a lot of priority moves and distract. Para is faster so will get the priority shield first and can cleanse/heal. Shame Tuora has no shield and Skoola has no heal.