Refrenantem Buff Please

It suffers heavily from distraction even though it’s the true cunning Apex, distraction immunity would help a lot and maybe 2 or 3 more speed but other than that, it’s all the changes it needs. I’ve been using it for a while now and using alert Nullification against a creature without distraction resistance but has distraction will lead to a poor turn 2.


Yes, please buff ref

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I definitely agree with this as refren is my favorite apex, so here is my take on a refren buff.


I think we can keep Cunning Rampage, just buff resistances. 75% distraction, 75% stun, 50% rend, 100% DOT. Maybe we can spice it up and add Revenge Cunning Rampage

It’s kit is practically fine imo, maybe a dodge with alert Nullification, 2 or 3 speed extra and 100% immunity to distraction.

It’s mostly fine but i feel It could have a better turn 1, having no impact or rampage to use on turn 1 really hurts its viability. But i agree, It needs distraction immunity and a bit more speed would help

My version

I also think ref needs 126-128 speed

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yah, nah - ludia

I think 100% immunity would be just fine. Doesnt seem to have any other problems

My Refrenantem Buff


I kind of agree, but for sure refre should not have any vulnerability nor speed decrease resistance and should have only about 50 or 34% stun resistance. Otherwise should be fully immune to crit reduction, distraction and DoT and should have at least 50% rend resistance. With the fact, that it can let opponents bleed and with vulnerable resistance or immunity, it would make it too strong against resilient class and that´s inappropriate. I´m absolutely okay with all proposed movesets here, but with that bunch of resistances would be OP.

The only one it needs is distraction immunity, nothing else is really wrong with it. And it’s pretty balanced but does need a little more for it, however I do want super distraction changed for the DoT changed to a slow.