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Refrenantem by far the weakest apex?

I feel like refrenantem is the weakest apex stats wise.
Has nice dmg and speed and moveset.
But its health is mehh
Also the thing isn’t immune to anything(except crit reduction but that is useless since it only has 10% crit)
Just putting this here because it needs to be changed because the thing will be useless.
Since it will need speed boostes to outspeed fast mortems and thor it will have no health/damage.
The distraction moves are decent but there is so many cleansing moves out there.


It needs a better 1st turn set of moves, stun immunity and full distraction immunity to even be worth using in the arena. It’s second turn moves are great but the first turn is just atrocious.

I feel like it could use a buff, but gonna use it nevertheless. Its a dilophosaurus and an apex ! And it has incredible design! Absolutely my favourite creature in game!

I’ll start saving boosts for it. Probably gonna do 8/12/8


Literally the same build I was planning.

Have the stats and move sets been revealed somewhere? I’m guessing people get their wrists slapped on here if they post it?

On the field guide. I will take some screenshots @GPx

Thanks @MattCrad01 didn’t realise I had a Field Guide update waiting.

I see your point about this one.

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Gorgotrexbax is the worst Apex, like 100%

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Not really. I use a boosted one and its honestly pretty killer. Solid health and attack with a decent move cycle. Refren is easily worse.

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Bro, it is a cunning. And it is not even faster then any Feirce-cunning. then it is suppose to kill them?

It got like no speed


Mine is faring pretty well to be honest. It works great as a revenge killer, but even outside of that mine has done pretty good, even taken down several faster Thors.

Then put speed boosts on it. Or use your two speedup moves.

With boosts, it barley be good. Even tho if also boost this new apex will also be good is because it has a lot of attack

At a 113 speed, u have to waste a lot of boost of speed even tho if it was fast it could’ve been much better

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It heard that 130+ speed on gorgotrebax is a good range.


Kind of a same creature, but gorgo has better registence and the new boss has more speed :thinking:


We definitely didn’t need a new cunning creature of the apex rarity. Another fierce creature would have been much better to fight the 2 resilient monsters. Gorgotrebax is much better than refrenantem (will be OHKOed by mortem rex unlike gorgotrebax).

The stats have been released on a publicly available app, why ban members and remove their posts? It’s hardly a big secret is it :roll_eyes:


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We’re not allowed to post the stats here or you’ll get banned; but ya it looks pretty awful. Main problems I see are:

  1. Low turn 1 damage: the only move it has without a delay is cunning strike so it can only deal 1x damage on turn 1. Which is, well, not impressive for an apex to say the least.

  2. Bad resistances: it has a lot of resistances but all of them are low; it doesn’t even get the full distraction resistance that other cunnings like erliko and quetz have.

  3. It’s kind of a one-trick pony where all it can do is distract. All of its moves have distraction but nearly every creature in high arenas can cleanse it or resist it. A boosted mortem will probably just one shot it with cleansing impact most of the time.

Haast Maximus had its stats datamined on the same site, it also looks pretty bad unfortunately.

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