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Refrenantem is here 🥳🥳🥳

Also I was somehow fighting in a Meolania raid
Here is the picture
Screenshot_20210527-072207_JW Alive


Looks nice but would be hard to defeat , at least for me… :frowning: can’t even beat an legendary boss…

me too i also can’t beat a ledgendary boss

same here.

Can’t wait to try it tomorrow!

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Understatement of the century for its abilities check them out below, be afraid be very afraid of this new apex raid boss and its ability to make RANDOM moves without warning a lot of players are going to get severely mangled in the first battles fought against this devilish critter from the jurassic age that is for sure.!.

Refrenantem - Apex

This Apex dilophosaur is a tricky competitor. Catch it hiding in the reeds to distract its prey, then moving in for the attack at the moment their enemy is weakest!

  • Refrenantem is a Cunning Distraction Expert .
  • Swap to Refrenantem to trigger its passive distraction , then use its multiple targeted distraction, group distraction, group nullifying and critical chance reduction abilities to render your opponents powerless! :scream: :scream: :scream:
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This statement only applies to the one you get when you’ve obtained it, not the actual Boss. Boss creatures have entirely different movesets than their actual playable counterparts.

Can’t wait to unlock this guy!

would it be fine if I put a strategy for refrenantem here, its a carry strategy @Dinobai18 @JoeVolcano27 @TheNoobLegend27

I don’t mind lol but idk if it’ll be taken down

last time I tried I was banned so Ill leave it for tomorrow

Smart move

although in places like australia and asia wouldn’t the raid be available by today afternoon/night. So would it be fine for me to post the strat then?

Surfs up dudes its about to go live in Australia within the next couple of hours because we are technically almost a full day ahead of the US and boy does it look meaner than a hell cat in full on chaos enraged fury !

It is quick, dangerous as all heck, rapid moves faster than you can blink, and an innate brutal savagery that will stun raiders pretty fast when they come up against it in the very first FRIDAY raids held in the game.!.

really… just wait until you come up against this meaner than hell beastie in a raid, only then will you suddenly find out this brutal little savage will rip you limb from limb faster than you can blink.!.
It is basically a chew you up and spit out the pieces it does not like ( bones, hair etc etc ) lol

you have refrenantem in your area?

Jebuz, I never said it wasn’t dangerous. But I like your enthusiasm!

BRING IT ON YOU RED BELLY BEAST! :fire::fist_left:

Have you done a Raid against it yet?

It does look awsome but I dont know how to defeat It please help me and send me the strat please and some master raid people that you guys know cus I really want to get all APEX.

Yeah beat the guy using a lvl 21 dio and the help of an awesome team. Got 25 DNA!

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ok but he has a amor piersing minion