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Refrenantem possible raid strat

This is one of the possible raid strategy we did…

A bit higher skoola may not die in the raid…and one of the major point u hv to do tip the scales after the group distraction…from nantem…

And this is the second possible strat with lower level dinos of 27 with some boosts…we did this too…


Any strats that DON’T involve Mortem Rex?

My friend see the above one…


I did this but carried an ankyntrosaurus instead of using dioraja still works the same

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What level was the Ankytro and did it have any boosts?

Ok…that is also good…

Do u hv the pic …is there any boosts on it…


What’s the Skool strategy you used? Knowing it works is good and all but if we don’t know what to do then that’s not as helpful lol


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That’s a pretty good start!

Thought this was a cool pic I got.


I won in 12 turns with Gemini 28 (2100 attack)
M rex 26 (2300 attack) (Faster than gemini)
Tuora 30 (1850 attack)
Ankyntrosaurus Lvl 19 (No Boosts)
Anky: 2,3,1,2 3,1,1,3 2,4,1,1
M rex: 1,3,4,3 1,3,4,3 1,3,4,3
Gemini: 2,3,4,1 2,3,4,1 2,3,4,2
Tuora: 3,2,3,1 2,1,3,4 2,1,1,1


Does it have to be Mortem, or can something like Thoradolosaur be a substitute?

Unfortunately THOR wont cut it it gets killed far too quick, we also had to change some of the moves being made in this raid guide as well read below to see what changes were made to raid guide to take down Refrenantem raid boss.

All players please note the following move changes made to raid guide below. You have to change mortems moves from a triple roar in each round to this .>>>>>> roar, fierce impact, then GSR, then fierce impact. combined with touro’s constant health regeneration and ardent & gems shields we made it through !


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Yes u can substitute with it thordalo…

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Is there anything else that can Substitute for Mortem?

we passed first try in a dramatic way then it was simpler.

But a win is a win

Then the next time was easier

And we didnt even use Mortem

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Yes Thor works too with a diff team, look at my msg above.

And you don’t even need lvl 30s

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Works great even with a base lvl 21 dio