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Refrenantem Unlocked!

Finally Unlocked Refrenantem!! Made a video showing his skills. Any thoughts? I think he’s a lot stronger than originally anticipated.


congrats. im at 30 dna for it. i only got a 2 hour window during the work week for raids. so monday - friday raids are by the wayside.

tbh, i thought this was way too soon until i realized Ref was released at the end of may.


That’s awesome!!! Congratulations! It looks amazing! :star_struck:


Wow congrats.

I saw the video and it looks so small


Congratulations! Refrenantem looks awesome! :heart_eyes:

Also, welcome to the forums, @Melpopsy

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Thank you! And yes he is really sick. I’m honestly surprised at how good he really is

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Grats! I need 30 to unlock it myself

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Beautiful design, just sad it has bad turn 1 and bad resistant. Hope Ludia give him full distraction immunity


That’s incredible!!! I only have 140/300 right now

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Very true! He should be resistant to distraction and turn 1 is a bet meh

Congrats! You’re lucky to unlock Refrenantem so early! I’m 265/300 DNA from unlocking it, so I’ll have to wait a few more weeks before I can use him.

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Don’t really like its turn 1. Could use a DoT resistance buff to 75% and swap Cunning Rampage for High Pounce, overall, it still looks great and has more potential than I thought it would have.

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