Several days have now passed since update and the bug which make Refrenantem output 100% distraction with its Super Distraction is still not fixed :smile: Have the developers abondoned this game completely? Anyone with insight? :slightly_smiling_face:

Super distraction works as intended. As you see there is double distraction. With first part of effects that only remove dodge, bleeds and distracts SD wouldnt even do damage.


Not really, because it does 50% to the target, AND 50% to all opponents.
What you suggest would mean it’s 100% against the target and 50% to all opponents, except for the target. Unnecessarily complicated.
I was confused about this as well, but it’s good this way. You’ll get used to it :slight_smile:

Maybe we should not discuss how it is written, but the move itself.

Isn’t an impact with priority, chance to stun and DoT without a cooldown a bit too much?

It has a two turn cooldown

Does not really mater. Let’s not forget that we do talk about a creature with swap-in distraction, above average damage, way above average HP and extremely good resistance.

Somewhere this creature also should have some drawbacks.

It is really weak to tanks and deceleration
It’s fine honestly
It loses to what it should lose to

No its SUPPOSED to do that. lol

It explains it right, made since to me when i read it and everyone seemed to get what it did when it was released and to today.

This just adds to the many reasons why so many people are losing interest, and leaving this game. Its WAY too complicated. A characters moveset shouldnt be paragraphs long, to where i need to scroll way down to finish reading. I personally gave up even trying to understand it, its so unnecessary


yep had this disccussion with someone else and being the smart person i am thought hey this would be great againt indo 2…then i realised that cloak :stuck_out_tongue: oops dead

I know for a fact that Mammolania destroys it 9 times out of 10, and the 1 is when Mammolania is practically dead already. Hadros Lux beats it nearly just as much as Mammolania does too.

I imagine Testacornibus also does exceedingly well, and Skoonasaurus probably has little trouble in a 1 v 1, though the SD does set up the Skoona nicely for a swap-in and/or revenge kill.

Ankylos Lux probably fares better against it than Skoona does, and for non-meta Resilients there’s Entelolania (who arguably also does just as well against it as Hadros and Mammolania unless the Stun sticks).

High armor and shields is generally the way to go with this thing.

Don’t get me wrong. I never said that Ref does not have any counters. Also I know how to counter it. Most of the creatures you mentioned above I have at 30/30.

But most of them are just sitting on the bench because they simply are not relevant.

Also the problem is not only with Refrenantem, but with bad balancing in general. We now have 8 creatures that are used in more than 60% (!!!) of the top 50 teams. Means if you want to be competitive you are forced to use the same team (of course, you can deviate with 1-2 creatures.). Diversity in the end-game officially has died with the recent updates.

But hey, personally I do not care anymore. I now dropped some arenas, am running a fun team and getting easy incubators.
Might go back to the shores once Ludia cares about balancing :slight_smile:


yep dior can take it out as well with some luck
its not invinceable but it is formidable :stuck_out_tongue:

The problem with Ref is that it once again demonstrates how poorly Ludia thought the classes, or perhaps Mortem’s buff, through.

Start off - Hadros vs Mortem. Hadros immediately swaps to Ref, so no damage is taken. Any damage is reduced to 0, unless the player just used Roar, so a pitiful amount of damage is taken. Ref uses his priority attack move, which puts Mortem’s attack back down to 0. Again. Mortem takes substantial damage, may cause a fraction of damage to a high health creature. Next move regardless, Mortem is gone, and Ref is still healthy, with Mortem causing just 1x damage total.

You can barely swap when this happens, because anything that comes in risks DoT, 100% attack reduction AND a stun, on top of 1x5 damage.

Of course, if you swap Mortem into a resilient, guess what happens? He gets beaten. Every time.


Because it doesn’t…

Read again. That is not what it says…

It reduces damage 50% to the opponent with the highest damage and 50% to all opponents. So the opponent with the highest damage has its damage reduced 100% but the other opponents excluding the one with the highest damage have their damage reduced 50% only…

So it doesn’t reduce 100% of damage all the time.

Ref usage is steadily on the increase not only by the top players, but also most. There’s already heavily boosted refs running in the arena.

I wonder whether Ludia will nerf it in the future like Phorurex, after everyone boosted it to max.

That’s a certainty. No need to wonder…