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Refresh costs are too expensive

I get that we get more trust points from the event, but I just find it a liiiitle bit ridiculous that the cost goes up the more you refresh. Why can’t Ludia stick with a cost thats in between? Ludia already wants you to buy energy and all that crap. Does anyone agree?


They still need a way to pace how quickly you’ll max out a Legendary dragon, and unlike the rare chances/increased breeding time/increased cost of trying to hatch a Legendary, the trust point events are guaranteed to get you the dragon (and the duplicates you will need to level them up) eventually. They can’t limit these legendaries with low obtain chances, so they increase the time invested.

Wouldn’t be much of a legendary if you saw them on everyone’s team, would it?

Focus on leveling up your main team in the mean time. The further you are able to get in the quest chains, the more trust points you’ll earn each time before being forced to restart (the higher levels offer more trust points so it does add up quicker) and the increasing runes won’t be such a pain.

You’ll get them, just keep trucking!


Alright, thanks!

To further clarify Thorso’s reply:

  1. They always had the similar trust\event agenda. It did kind of backfire when veterans got better, while devs tried to optimize the events, back then people could do 500+ trust per event without wallet warring.
    This is why they now scale it back.

  2. It used to be up to 72 energy(~60 for 9 levels) every 12 hours. Now it’s almost the same trust as two old resets, but we spend less energy. That already is an improvement. And, similarly, resetting the old 12-hour reset twice - would already be ~100+ runes, so now they just streamlined it.

  3. Old events were almost only every month, but these ones seem like they’ll be nearly weekly. If so - we’ll have plenty of fish and options to get trust. However, if ALL of the original dragons will be trust-based… that’s a fudging load of them. More likely than not - 2-3 months to get a single dragon. However, at least you are guaranteed to assemble all of them pokemons in that time.


Uh, your reply sort of brings up questions (while Thorso’s didn’t). If you don’t mind;

  1. What veterans are you talking about? We’ve never encountered veterans in Titans Uprising. As far as I know. I mean, I have played for around 2 months give or take, with some days of absence, and I am around level 20, but I would have heard the term before. | What do you mean when you say it backfired? What happened? I wasn’t a player back then so I don’t have an image here.

  2. You mean to say that every 9 levels had the same amount of energy? Like, levelling up didn’t give a player any rise in energy pockets?

  3. We’re talking about dragons, not pokemons. | And when you say “old events”, do you perhaps mean the repeat of special events, like Toothless event, The Light Fury event and so on? Because I haven’t seen any other “old quest” be repeatable, not counting in the repeatable quests we have to gather supplies to level up out dragons for our regular, daily and special quests.

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While I agree they need a way to pace and such, the refresh thing is a bit ridiculous. At least the increment it increases by each time should be decreased slightly. I understand they need people to buy runes and such, alongside needing to pace things but the current +150 each time is excessive in my opinion. Especially since most using it will also likely be buying energy eventually through that which is 100 some in itself.

  1. Well, believe me, 2 months vs 2 days is a difference. And some people played since beta.
    At launch - quest levels 4 and 5 had about the same difficulty as now. They were if not physically impossible - then unreasonable to spend energy on for most people, because people had like… 3500> teams. So after one update - they, I assume intentionally, scaled down these levels to ~800 and 900 power per dragon. Obviously it still took effort, fighting 4-5 4-5star dragons, and a number of combinations were\still are technically broken, but any player around 4000 power could do it. Could farm 3* scales, could do the entire line of quests.
    I initially thought it was a bug, and maybe it was, seeing how active they are at fixing the, apparently, old event bug that happened before Cloudjumper, but it lasted for at least a month.
    By backfired - it was a figure of speech. Of course, it wasn’t as bad as the CJ exploit, but people had access to things that were literally endgame. So a few weeks ago they changed the difficulty back to level 4 being ~1000-1200 and level 5 - 1200+.

  2. I don’t quite remember the exact numbers, but I think it either started at 5 energy, or quicker got to 5 energy per run, and, again, later levels were 8 energy, but the final was about 15 or so. I clearly remember the number “72” by people on Discord, who managed to clear even the very first event.

  3. Yes, these were the only events. It’s only recently that we got drills and extra scale quests and such.

First of all, thanks for taking the time to clarify things.

  1. Ah, perhaps they were doing experiments while trying to better the game, saw it wasn’t so good and changed it with the next update? || Getting a 4 star dragon is not so easy. I only have just the one. Getting a 3 star dragon is easier, but reaching full power is not, considering you need loads of scales, money, and finally, a copy of your dragon. And all that after tons of levelling up. Having a 4 star dragon reach its full potential is close to impossible. || Currently, my best team is around 2930, which is less than 3000, and I can’t seem to win any 4th (pre-last) or 5th (last) level in sequence from the special levels we get above the daily quests (and under any events).

As for the bugs, yeah, eh, I think the game has a lot of them. Since I was out for more than a week, though, I missed completely what happened with the bug on the event prior Cloudjumper. Got “bugged” during the last two days (yesterday and today) though. Just as I had begun to think it would be normal for me. As it had had so far during the first 3 days). :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Yeah, sounds like experiments on energy pockets and deals. Can see why that didn’t work. What we have now is much better.

  2. Okay, so the daily quests for scales and the 4h coins/fish/runes/xp weren’t a thing then? As far as I know, the special quests for scales they gave us 7 days earlier (upon the notification for Cloudjumper event) - which ended a few hours after the Cloudjumper event started - and the 2 special quests they gave us today - about eggs, and eventually, powerful dragons - are new new. But here we are comparing what was until now to what was in the beginning so I wouldn’t know.

No-no, the limtied 4-hour quests were there since launch. I mean these “Drill” events or the current Eggshell event, or the RandomScale event, which seem to happen daily - they didn’t exist until recently. If you haven’t seen the drills - like last week there was a Nadder and Lightfury drill… and also something else, don’t remember the species.

And, no, at 3000 you shouldn’t even remotely try 4th level. 3000\5=600 power, with enemies twice as strong as you - you simply can’t physically win. Maybe you can if your team is a perfectly optimized 4-5star team, because from the few recent unpleasant experienced with… what I can only call “tryharding”(normal people use energy for XP, not for failing until you get a perfect tile opening) - apparently people manage to beat enemy teams with 2000+ powered dragons, while their own dragons are just over 1000.

Still, in my experience, it’s safe to fight enemies about 200 power over you. Maybe 300-400 power, if enemy composition isn’t broken. And by this power I mean - NOT team power, but standalone dragon power. That is, if you have a team of 750 dragons, ie ~3750, you can probably fight something like 1000 Fanghook-only team, which is technically 4000(4x1000 per wave), but listed as 5300. If you have a team of 950+, all tactical - you could try even level 5. But, again, it all comes down to value and enemy composition. If you see Shifty or Murmurquill, maybe Chestnuts or Skrillcrushers - better pass it up or be ready to drop 100 runes. And even that is only worth it for the scales. Not even experience is worth it from limited-time quests, so if you can’t 100% beat it - do not waste energy and better do a repeatable quest.

I see. Well, perhaps they were earlier than “this week” because I wasn’t logged in until the notification for Cloudjumper event (7 days ago), and that’s also when dragon scales specials came out. The specials seem like they are pre-event thing.

Eh, as for my team, I have done a lot of level ups, and I do have a 4 star dragon, who I can’t hope to train to a 3 star power (yet). My basic 2 2-star dragons are upgraded to what’s close to their full potential, unlike my other 2-stars, and I have various 3-stars but with little levels, haven’t trained any of them to at least level 2, and not just because some are new.

What I said about not being able to win the 4th level on the daily scale quests and the daily 4h interchangeable xp/runes/coin/fish quests is just a fact. I realized I couldn’t as I figured how to play this game, and I don’t bother. I won’t bother unless I have reached the dragon power to do so. As it is now, I am lacking.

And I agree with you about the 100 difference, only sometimes even 30 difference is important. Or you can even have the dragon power needed but still fail to pass. Like with Cloudjumper event quest level 5; my dragons were for superior than what was needed, but hundreds. Still, I couldn’t pass the level, and I learned not to play it as far as this week’s buggy event was concerned. Sometimes I even failed at regular (or “story”) quests despite having levelled up my team to meet the standards. A bug most possibly. But seeing no options, I levelled up again and again until I could pass.

And I have none of the dragons you named by kind. May I ask why they’re not worthy, and why I would need to spend 100 runes?

Well, first of all, the CJ event was not so much bugged as… a bit redesigned. Previously first 5 levels were like a … Drill or an Eggshell quest - 2 parts, 2 quests each. One part is easy, the other isn’t. Previously this gap was noticeable only on like 2500>4000 jump on level 7 or so. But now level 5 is actually meant to be HARD for the “easy” mode, as in - it actually has dragons that could be dangerous. Most early levels have no semblance of strategy requirement, you can most auto-match it and get similar results. It’s only later that you really need to watch what you are doing and in which order.
And level 6 was… Well, a good example of what I said before - difference in dragon power. Most people, who expect a 2500-3500 fight with their 500-600 per-dragon power team - usually feel challenged by ~700 power dragons, as seen with your level 5 example. 900, however, is 50% over what they have. And what this means is that the difference in enemy defense to your attack is so high that you basically scratch the enemy, while the enemy deals HIGHER damage to you, than if you were EQUAL power to it. Double disadvantage… plus a wagonload of extra HP.
If your team is well-balanced, it could be taken down, but, again, most people who did the easy 5 levels - didn’t have a survival team, so when push came to shove - it was “broken”.

As for your question about runes - either you didn’t understand the question or I didn’t phrase it well. 100 runes means a single revival. And, for example, if 4h quests aren’t really worth “risking” energy on them - then scale quests are worth risking energy for 4th quest(unless it’s broken composition) and, if you actually NEED them - are worth a revival to get a 3-star scale. Thanks to that month or so of “easy” quests - I managed to get maybe ±5 or more of each 3-star scales, so I am not even worried about trying level 5, because the only time you’d need a 3-star scale is to train 4s to 5s, and god knows this isn’t happening for me.
As one person(I think it was ToothlessJake) summarized it on Discord some time ago: “Generally 100 runes is worth it for 3-star scale, however, most likely you’ll simply be able to do level 5 normally by the time you need these scales”.

No, I don’t think that’s right. Many people were complaining about bugs and exploitation, and up to day 3 it was okay for me (well, except for the problematic quest level 5), but on day 5, I restarted and played quest level 1 and 2 things happened; I got rewarded 13 points instead of 6 and the level indication was pointing towards the 3rd quest level instead of the 2nd. I had to stop playing on the event for the day, tried to conduct support (made a post here), and go about my business on other things on the game. On the last day, when I could afford a new restart, with the event close to being over (2h left) and having received no reply from any moderator at the time, I chose to try my luck with the restart. And the first 3 quest levels went fine, though their trust points added to the incorrect 103 of the previous day. And on level 4… it crashed. Like, there was a bug that made me fight the level 5 dragons and lose, then point for me to repeat level 4… It was completely insane and gave me lots of confusion. And I had to let the event go at that point. Also, my trust points are still incorrect despite having sent a full report on the whole thing to the ludia team via email, with username and support key and version of the game and all.

Now, as for the other things you say, I think you are absolutely right… And I like your analogy to explain the double disadvantage. I have been there, seen how it is.
(** You mean series of quests, right? I seem to recall that the RandomScale event - the hard special had two parts of 5… I am not exactly sure though.)

And, ah, for that part, no, I hadn’t understood what you spoke of, well, what you implied of, at all. You see, I didn’t know there was even a revival feature, never bothered to even try to stay on after a really unbeatable fight. No, I would try levelling up my team, or exchange from one battle to another and see if I could do anything. If I would still lose a terrible loss, I would just accept the loss and go on to do other stuff. Thanks for the clarification though.

Personally I only just need 2 star scales at the moment, but I also have an issue with finding a twin with the dragon I want to train to 3rd star. The dragon that has a 4 star potential.

I will also need 3 stars for my 3-star dragons sometime in the future, but as it is, I collect what’s in my power to gather.

I haven’t seen anyone bringing up that kind of bug. I know Ludia’s servers are questionable, and in the past, maybe even now - some quests were not synced in time, but, mind you, the rewards were given.

In the past it was like…you do a certain level, get the rewards, but the server doesn’t sync that you have completed it. Refreshing the screen a few times, waiting, or simply doing that level again - fixed it. I didn’t ever have a chance to something 3 times, and I had this bug happen quite a lot of times. Recently, however, I do not recall spotting it(there are plenty of others though), but your case may be somewhat related to this bug.

I wouldn’t worry about it, especially in light of all the CJ scandal. Because stumbling onto a bug that resolves itself as you simply progress in an ONGOING event - is nothing like deliberately repeatedly doing the same level for your own benefit.

Uh, I think it must have been a result of either the earlier bug running rampant or their attempts to fix the bug - that infamous exploitation bug that caused a big debate.

But the bug, more like the glitches on Cloudjumper event did not “resolve themselves”. Only way bypass them was to restart again, but fact remains my trust points are still incorrect.

P.S. I was given the wrong reward for the pre-last try on quest level 1.

Funny thing, though, is that yesterday I both failed and passed a quest (level 33 of Burning Barrens specifically) and the game couldn’t decide whether to give me a reward… I mean, I had failed, but then it passed me, though it passed me without the reward. And it was an important reward (premium dragon card).