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Refreshing Dazed Dino alliance

Due to the fact our alliance leader has left and we have some inactive members I will be creating a new alliance (Dazed Dinos II ) …I will invite all current active members of Dazed Dinos (around 2:30-3 pm uk / EST 10am tmrw 27/2)…all members would need to leave this alliance first before I can invite …also if anyone does not have an alliance and would like to help us grow Dazed Dinos II please leave me a message


Dazed Dinos II is my alliance, which I can highly recommend. We always help each other meet our goals, even sharing DNA we need ourselves if another member needs it to create or level a dino. Someone is always available for friendly battles and chat.

There’s still room for active players, please join us if you’re looking for a good alliance.

Shaymin :slightly_smiling_face:

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Can I join?

Just send a DM or friend request to our leader, SuicuneAmattata (#0307).