Refund Boost Tokens in Indotaurus Championship

So LVL 5 Alliance and below gets nothing
and LVL 6 and above gets 3 Refund Tokens

The worst part is that i am not surprised…

Hope that i am wrong and misread something


Isn’t that how games work? Better performance = better rewards? Maybe I’m playing devil’s advocate but that makes since to me.


I see nothing wrong here. The higher the tier, the more rewards


I’m kinda mixed in opinion on how these are obtained. On one hand, more progress and effort means better rewards, which makes sense. On the other hand, it’s your alliance’s progress and effort as a whole and not just yours. I recently joined a friend’s alliance and it’s more earlygame, meaning if I ever want to refund tokens I’m forced to leave their alliance, and if I don’t, I won’t be seeing a boost refund for potentially years unless they’re later given out in a different way.

I feel like the boosts should be awarded no matter the tier of incubator you get. While I do understand the logic behind this it just is not fair for any lower players. Instead maybe they should adjust the amount players can get the higher up and make the maximum amount in the inventory 2-4. That way it’s still rewarding for lower level alliances yet still rewarding the higher alliances as well. I just think that these should be ways for all players to get this tokens.


Makes sense to me. You work hard you get better things.

Alliances as well as alliance championships are about teamwork. If you are an over achiever or if your team is holding you back while you are carrying weight it may be time to find a new team.

Ludia also mentioned looking into more ways to implement and introduce the tokens. This was like phase 1. There will be more ways to obtain them.


I’m surprised honestly. I was expecting it to be for rewards 8 and above. 6 and above isn’t so be to me.

So if an alliance can’t reach level 6 in a six tourney month one has to question the whole point of that alliance.

I know some people prefer to play the game in a a less alliance orientated way, which is their choice. But to do so will inevitably lead to less rewards. That’s a no brainer, and perhaps people are upset that this way is rewarding only team players? Well whether we like it or not, the game has become very much a team based game now. Although it’s possible to play without being in a decent alliance, it’s certainly a much harder grind.

I hear players saying they don’t want to play according to rules set out by alliance leaders. They don’t want to feel governed by rules etc…. I’ve even had people leave my alliance because they don’t want to do the weekend tourney takedowns. That’s fine, there is an alliance suitable for every playstyle. But to complain that the rewards aren’t available without being in a decent alliance is 100% down to the player choosing not to be in a decent alliance in the first place.


and this will lose players its a joke there are plenty that arent in an alliance and just want to play and they are out of luck so i dont agree with this at all, they nuke the dinos people work hard to get and give them no way to recover bad business model if you ask me.
want to make it fair use pvp levels or strike towers make them hard if you want but this is just not on.

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I don’t know about it being 100% the player’s fault.

Say a player is stuck in progress because they have tons of boosts placed on creatures that aren’t good anymore. The alliance they’re in is active, but has many earlygame players just starting out. Because of these players being earlygame, they don’t have the trophies to qualify for tournaments, so the alliance usually only reaches tier 2 to 4 despite everyone being active. Suddenly boost tokens are added which the player needs so they can refund boosts, invest in good creatures, and start making progress. However, because they’re alliance can’t get to tier 6, the player has 2 choices. One, stay with their alliance they’ve been with for months, or two, ditch the alliance so they have access to the tokens.

Does this sound fair to the player?

Sure, this scenario is made up, but it’s likely to happen and maybe already has happened. I think a different method should be made for obtaining tokens that allows all active players to obtain them without suffering from alliance members not having as much progress.

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Like I said before, NO player should be excluded from essential resources no matter how weak their profile is.


Are you really saying that any player should have the same opportunity regardless of their effort or lack of it?

Well, they are important resources, are they? You really want certain players to not be able to have access to a key resource?

Active players that make progress should have access to the same rewards no matter how far into the game they are. Of course the higher up players should get a higher quantity of each reward, but the lower players shouldn’t be completely excluded from receiving them.


i,m saying it shouldnt be tied to alliances it should be tied to the individual simple as that

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If Ludia decide the rewards in tournaments are x, y and z then that’s that. It really is that simple, and when alliances that hit higher levels get more unique dna etc…. I don’t get upset.

They may give boost tokens for something entirely different next month, and the month after that so maybe wait until we see how it pans out in the long term before getting too upset.

I guess everyone is forgetting that this is the first introduction to these and that they will be available in other ways. They didn’t mention but I think we can assume the store would be an option and it’s probably likely for a tower the same way we can collect a specific boost.

These are from the 2.14 release notes and the original announcement of the stat boost tokens.


guess we will see soon well ina week or two

I 100% agree

Just now finding out about this and tying it to alliance championships is very Ludia. They love a good feedback loop of having only top players get access to useful rewards.

I’ve run an alliance since the beginning and getting people to do tournaments has never worked no matter how much I beg, add rules, or kick players who don’t help. And of the few times I’ve had time to recruit, new members at the right trophy levels barely have any interest like they don’t want the rewards. There’s only so much I can do without making my alliance hate me.

I’m the top contributor in my alliance and I do the bare minimum to get my 10 takedowns and I can’t understand why others just leave the rewards on the table like that. It’s super easy to reach tier 6 with 100% participation, but we never crack tier 4 (this month will be the first time).

So when I see people saying that the opportunity to change up boosts for free should be a privilege afforded to the few instead of the many I realize that they probably don’t have to manage an alliance and constantly badger players to do the bare minimum. I’m not their parent and I don’t want to be.

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