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Refund for broken event

Hi ludia when will you be refunding the gems people have had to waste on this completely broken mess of a battle event. Thanks

If it was broken when you had the free three attempts, why did you spend more?

I agree that this event is not worth the extra gems it takes to complete. However I do agree that no one has forced anyone to use gems. The first three fights are free, no one forces you to fight after that.

Other than the free attempts I did not participate in the event. The developers owe me nothing.

However, there was a forum posting which was revised to erroneously state matchmaking would be based on the current PvP trophy count. Since, matchmaking over the past few days has been based upon other factors, it seems the Developers should assume some responsibility.

WoW is struggling to maintain an active player base and I doubt they can afford to continue losing players with each bungled update. A reasonable compensation (such as a partial gem refund) should be provided to the affected customers.

If ludia want to stay in business they need to show some accountability for their incompetence

I’m not saying that they haven’t showing some surprisingly high levels of mistakes. Allowing mismatches in the multiple thousands at the beginning of the last big update as an example. But I would bet you a year of my salary they will still be here in a year. Even the people who have complained the most for months on end now are probably still at least 50/50 paying for vip and playing the game