Refund my boosts

since the quetzerion nerf it has been even harder to keep up with all the high hp dinos running around. I understand quetzerion was meant more for killing speedsters. But its hard to match up quetzerion when every match has a nitri thor and a 8-9k maxima. Even against speedsters its become harder. The nerf was unnecessary and even with an almost max boosted quetzerion (1 boost missing) its even harder to keep up in the arena. This should go for any dino you nerf. That if you nerf a specific dino, and someone uses that dino, you refund the boosts put into said dino.


It only lost 50 attack. Geez.


The boosts refund are done very rarely so that players can measure not spend them all and have fun putting them all on the same dino.
The last boost refund was done a little over a month ago, I think the next time will be in at least 5 months.

I don’t think it should be done just because you did it to your now slightly nerfed orion but it is a good point that having a 50% refund is grimy and to wait another 6 months for a gambling bet that one day they’ll set up complete refunds. They should either make refunding better (66%-80%) or have more frequent full refund days. Maybe even a chance of getting either 50-90 per boost back when you try to refund.

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It’s not all for measure. If it’s for measure then they wouldn’t have it so hard to get for regular players yet so easy for paying players. People who have to work through daily and weekly incubators to get boosts, yes, use them for measure but I feel that in Ludias eyes these boosts were mainly used as a way of profit and in a minority way used for the people to varify their creatures in unique ways.