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Refund on Stat Boost Purchases

Anyone know how I would get in contact with Ludia or whoever to obtain a refund on the in app purchases I have made for Stat Boosts

I seem to be missing hundreds after this new update and can clarify this with email receipts. Surely this is not right?

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Same for me. I’m missing hundreds from each category.

i gotta check now.

I might be, but I made the mistake of not checking before the update

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Same here. Missing hundreds of them. I’ve sent in a ticket already.

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Since its not an isolated cases I’m going to leave my boosts alone until they figure it out. I can only boost abt 2/3 my team now.

Me too. I am pretty sure I am short, but I forgot to check them all before the change.

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Im gonna have to calculate my past dinos stats compared to past dino boosted stats to see. My mistake not counting how many I put in

same. pretty sure i am short tho.

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Before the update my Trko was 10/10/0. Maxima was 10/10/0. Tryo was 8/10/6. I’ve also had some invested on Thor, Erlidom, Magna, Stegod, Indorap, etc…

Now what’s left is just 5 each…

Yeah I am missing boosts in every category.

I got it all back.

I’m missing tons as well.

I made notes of how many boosts i used on my creatures, but forgot to check the number of unused ones too.

Apparently this only affects bought boosts. I got them all back but none were bought…

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All back for me. None were purchased.

Surely it’s illegal if you’ve made a purchase of goods and then don’t receive them back or be refunded the amount you’ve paid. I think I’m going to contact Apple and escalate this further.


Lol. I dont think in-game purchases are on Apple’s Priority :rofl:. Try sending a support ticket to Ludia. As for me, my boost count is more or less the same. Come to think of it, I used to purchase the 500 HC Boosts, but then I stopped to save for Coin sales.

Chatted with my alliance leader and he showed me how they did the refund. It came out about right after doing that.

Same here. Missing hundreds of boosts from each category