Refund or reset my boost. Dodges are broken

Hello. I invest my boosts in dodge dinos and tight now its pretty useless. When I use dodge ability I dodge 1st move and get kill on 2nd without touching the enemy. Why call it dodge when I’m taking damage? Just make them armor creatures instead. Add a reset option to mods or refund my money back.

I thought I recognised the name, we just fought in the arena. You were the one that used Indo, Procera and Ankytro I believe. You did rely heavily on dodge i’m afraid. :confused:

Maybe was me. My team of 8 dinos was balance. I have Heavy hitters, Nullify and Dodgers. I invest boosts and coins to lvl up those dinos that now its pretty much useless. I understand the Crits and Dracocera nerf, I have a Thora and Draco, those are OP dinos. But dodge isn’t op. It’s just people fault being noobs not having Nullify dinos on their team. What’s the point use dodge ability now? It’s just a waste of a move now.

Most of people don’t understand RNG means. They expect criticals, dodge and stunning works 100% to them and 0% to the enemy team. When dosent happen they cry for unneccessary nerfs