Refund Question

When I first clicked on my dino to see the stat increases there was message about the changes and a refund note. I did not click on the button to not see the message anymore, but now I cannot see the message anymore. I am interested in a refund, but cannot find the instructions mentioned in the stat increase. How do I get a refund?

It’s in the options when you boost. There’s a refresh key. It refunds. Sadly, people like me who spent months diligently using boosts because I had to just to have a chance to keep up at all, lost a ton of boosts. They are way more expensive now. Like tons more. I kinda would like to see boosts gone altogether, especially after the update.

There’s practically no boosts in the arena, so you’re wrong, there’s no way to get ahead because all dinos are the same now

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Hey Daddio079, if you’re referring to the Player-Driven Stat Boost Rollback, there is a “revert” icon on the bottom right corner after you tap on a stat that has been boosted.

CJ, yeah I can agree with that, just get rid of the boosts.

Thanks Ned, but I do not have the ‘revert’ icon on any of my previously boosted Dinos. I will sit tight for a bit see if it is in an update.

I believe the revert icon will appear only if you had started boosting your creatures after this update.

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Ahh So we can move up to tier one, but if we change our mind we can get 50 points back?

Correct, you will receive back half of the cost of the Tier that you just rolled back.

Wow that is terrible… I do appreciate the info, Thank you, Ned.

Yeah you pay 100 and if you revert they screw you over give only 50 back. Really ! I personally don’t like it at all. You spend a 100 you should get 100 back. Or like someone else said, you replace a dino on the team the new dino should get the boost of the dino it replaced.


Hey dinosmoker, Jorge’s Q&A here gave a reason why there is a “trade-off cost” for reverting your boosts.

However, we do appreciate the feedback! Thank you.

Ludia please🤗can u make another event on 100% refund boost on upcoming Sunday or Saturday for 2-3 days.