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So I spent the last month and a half purchasing boosts daily to boost my level 30 Utahsinoraptor, because I wanted her on my team (and she was a great addition). I install the update today and find the Utahsinoraptor is useless, utterly destroyed. Ludia, you owe me money. I’ll give you my account info and I want you to take all of my boosts and return the money I spent this last couple of months.

Your boosts were reset. If you piled them all back into Utahsino without reading the release notes, that’s hardly Ludia’s fault.


I am aware of that. What I am saying is I have no intention of boosting anything as I am over this game. I want the boosts refunded because I am not going to use them.

good luck.

Last time I asked for a refund… can’t say anything but… better not ask

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That makes no sense you bought them.


And used it.

That’s true, and then the game I spent money on became a different game. That’s literally ripping off the consumer.

A lesson don’t spend money on games.


Done. It’s your fault


Are you a Ludia employee? If not, I have no need of your opinion.

Ok dude. Have it your way

Well, since you don’t want any opinions, here’s some facts for you.

The products that Ludia provide in this game are digital products (hard cash, incubators). It’s stated in Ludia’s Terms and Conditions for JWA that digital products are non-refundable. You paid for a product, they gave you the product you paid for.

Even if they were refundable, they still are not obligated to refund you. You paid for hard cash, you got hard cash. You didn’t pay to boost your Utahsino.


Exactly. It’s a fact

It didn’t though did it. The game is still the same, just with added features and a rework on creatures. The game is still the same.

I hope you get your refund you seek, however, I also hope you learn from this because you are the one that chose to spend money on a mobile game that is known to change and update every few months.

Ya it’s the same game, jurassic world alive.

That’s an interesting little misdirect, so I pause hard cash for hard cash, with the intention of boosting that Dinosaur. It changes nothing. I was really hoping I would hear from someone that actually represents Ludia, the forum appears to have been a mistake.



Refunds for hard cash are available on both the Google Play Store and through Facebook. To quote the Ludia Terms and Conditions:

“You can return purchases made through Facebook through us within three (3) days of purchase and request a refund from us. Thereafter, you must contact Facebook customer service directly and their terms, conditions and policies, not ours, will apply. You can also return purchases made through Google through us and request a refund from us within twelve (12) months of purchase. Refunds are subject to our business judgment based on the circumstances.”

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I think that settles it

There’s no misdirection there. You paid for hard cash with real currency, they gave you the hard cash you paid for. Transaction done.

Whatever you spend your hard cash on is up to you, but since you spent it on Boosts, and boosts cannot be exchanged for hard cash, you can’t get your money back. Simple as that.