This morning I opened the app and I was taken to a new game screen. It asked my name and then wanted me to go through the tutorial. I closed the app and restarted. It won’t take me to my old game. I never logged in with Facebook, only through Google, and it doesn’t appear that my game was saved to any server. So I lost access to my game. Has anyone had luck getting refunds for their previous purchases?


Hey MikoRoz, I’m sorry to hear that you lost access to your account. You mentioned that your game was connected to your Google Play store account, so let me try and see if I could help you find your game data.

Could you make sure that your device is still connected to that Google Play store account? If you had logged out of the account, it would have signed you out of the game too. Once your device is connected to the account, try relaunching the game and see if your data is there.

If you’re still having issues, our support team would be glad to assist you. Could you please contact our team here with your old and new support key?