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Refuses to connect through Google Play

I’ve dealt with this since last night. This is the ONLY game I have an issue with. It’s the same issue on BOTH of my phone. I reinstalled the app, restarted my phones and even cleared data from Google Play.

I’m an alliance leader who is outspoken about those who don’t contribute being booted. Now I can’t contribute to my own alliance, through no fault of my own

I’m, it can’t save thru google play, just google, Game Center and Facebook. You can ask @Ned to help

Hey Wit, it doesn’t seem like the screenshot posted. :thinking: However, if you’re having issues linking your game with your Google Play account, please contact our support team at, and they would be happy to help you. :smiley:

If you have your support key, please include it in the email as well. Thanks!

Still can’t get in with Google, and now I’m concerned I accidentally overwrote my Google data while trying to connect it through a Facebook login:(