Regarding Blue being Canadian Event

“Matchmaking is bad, Dracoce-Rat-OP-s, Thoradolosaurus and the boost system need adjustments, we need less bugs… But we guess Ludia can’t disappoint us more”


In all seriousness, what were you thinking, @Ludia_Developers?

It’s absolutely distasteful that, in a time of cheering, you decided to give 10 Blue attempts to ONLY Canadians instead of sharing the happiness and celebration with the rest of your playerbase.

It especially unprofessional and unfair because Blue is EVENT EXCLUSIVE, so you effectively made an artificial gap between Canadians and non-Canadians.

And I am not the only one angry about it. So take this as a public reach out, and please, talk with your community managers like @Keith next time.

The AMC event back then already was not well-received, because locking valuable rewards to one country is just… Well, not a nice move.

Would it hurt you to celebrate with the rest of the world, like any other events we had before?


Anyone need blue DNA when epic trading comes let me know…:slight_smile:


@Pedrovisk look, it is back :smiley:

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This forum starts to lose writers.

Today I have seen a lot less posts then other days.

People are getting over to other games I guess.


People have a lot of there own chat and dont spend as much time here.

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@Verosika perfect! :grin::raised_hands:

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I would still take the AMC deal over this. Does anywhere else get any Raptors?

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Isn’t there a wall?

Dont know if we got told we are paying for one yet…:slight_smile: