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Regarding Boost tournaments

Why not just have HC tournaments again instead? You can just buy boosts with HC anyway, and if you aren’t interested in buying boosts (like me) you can use your HC on something else, like coin.

I know I would prefer HC tournaments to boost tournaments. What about y’all?


i’m sitting on 14K HC because Ludia doesn’t give me anything i want to spend it on. i don’t want to buy boosts as i don’t want to make a habit of buying boosts to progress.

As for boost vs HC tournaments, at the moment i don’t prefer one or the other. but if there was more things to spend HC on that were worthwhile, i’d be a HC tournament person all the way.


I agree. We need more bucks. I want to buy scents maybe over boosts


I don’t know about the scents. Whenever, there is a 5 or 20% of an epic scent, I get it for some odd reason.
So far on these scent strikes I am most likely to get an epic scent, then a scent capsule, then either a rare or large scent. I would much prefer hc because the boosts are very low in quantity, especially speed which is the boost I really need for my ranking in most tourneys.

I spend any HC I have on special scents. Fisher scent’s good.

Same. One of the best theme scents. I have 19 for irritator

I would take anything over boosts.

I seek the bary G2 and spino g2 for my spyx from it.

I’m using whatever boosts and coins I get from skill tourneys on advantage tourney dinos I can level up for the 2x tourney…
I’ll take any sort of boosts or coins about now

It would never occur to me to buy coins nor would I advise anyone, but it is true that an HC prize allows you to choose what to spend the prize on.

Anyway, the worst is not so much the prize as the difference in the prizes. 99% will receive miserable tournament prizes and 1% very large prizes. It is of little interest to be fighting a whole weekend when the most you can hope for is 10 boosts or 50,000 coins. In fact, for most people it is much better not to participate in the tournament and to participate in the normal arena by winning coins and incubators to open.

I find that the reward is more valuable when the tournament itself is fun and accessible to people. Winning 10 boosts isn’t worth much if you were in essence locked out by other people with max boosted creatures. If the reward is to be something like bucks or boosts (two very significant resources for increasing the strength of your team), I would prefer they come from skill tournaments, where more people are able to compete and attempt to win the larger prizes.