Regarding Carnotaurus

There were prototypes made, so I’m sure the photos exist. Check out Klayton Fioriti’s YouTube about Chaos Effect. He explains why it failed better than I can.

The thing about chaos effect is that we have some similar dinos already. Allinosaurus, Paramoloch and Alankylosaurus are so similar to some in the Chaos Effect. If you want a Spino/Amargo hybrid, I’m all for that.

That being said, it would be nice to see a few more dinosaurs from the books, movies, and toy lines integrated into the game. Maiasaurus, Pachycephalosaurs, Microceratops, Compsopgnathus and Chasmosaurus are just a few I think would be cool to see.


Carno got a great buff this update not only on is new counter atack passive but also with the +50% bonus damage on is base atack iff he need something maybe a long protection nothing more


I agree strongly with this.

Where the games are concerned, there’s a bit more leeway into what they can add. One thing though, this is a licensed game - Universal Studios still has say over what can be added. Knowing that they already rejected the cartoony Chaos Effect universe from canon, it’s probably not likely that we will see any of them.

Even though there’s leeway, Ludia still has to abide by stipulations in the contract with Universal. We’re seeing a lot of hybrids, yes. Some even resemble the CE dinos. But I think that’s probably as good as it’s going to get.

Don’t get your hopes up for Ultimasaurus anytime soon.

He needs more HP and speed. The real thing could run at nearly 40 mph, for crying out loud! The shield would definitely improve it, but overall survivability of Carno right now is “meh”.

As for other existing dinos, especially real known species, we’re starting to get more as time wears on. Miragaia for example - a long necked stegosaur from Portugal - I wasn’t expecting that one. I’m starting to think that the devs just pull dino species names from a hat or something. LOL

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Why do we need Ultimasaurus when Allinosaurus and Utahsinoraptor exist? My best guess is that if they were to do a triceratops/therapod hybrid, they’d choose another route and name.

My point exactly. We have CE right now. It’s not what people expected, but it’s what Ludia was able to manage without violating any licensing rules.

But back to the main topic… Carno still has a ways to go before it is viable as a team member in the mid to high arenas.

There have been some improvements made, but not enough to make it worth adding it to your team just yet.

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I suspect that it’s a long-shot to hope my favorite dinosaur will ever appear in this game though. It doesn’t seem like a dinosaur that could carry a good kit. (Psittacosaurus Mongoliensis)

Carnotaurus is easily one of my favorite therapods. My thought was to give it a really short-term cloak intead of sheilds and allow for the counter to wittle-down the opponent. That is unless the RNG gods aren’t favoring your Carno today. (Whoops)

Here is part 2 of my Halloween special I wrote for the forum. Carno came in at #3.

It explains why Carno needs a real speed buff, if anything.

Since the movies have gone the route of militarization of hybrids, I’d like to see the games take this farther and show how it might play out. The Choas line of dinos doesn’t go far enough imo. I’d like to see a T-Rex with modern enhancements added. Metal armor plating and some sort of artillery cannon even. The game shouldn’t be limited by what the other branches of Jurassic IP have done. The ship has already sailed on keeping the game grounded in realism, and I for one am glad it has. Just try to be open to the possibility of MekkaRex and you mind just find you’ve also wanted it all along.

Tyco already did that in the 80s with “Dino Riders”. Universal would have to buy the rights to that property first, especially if they went the route you’re proposing. A Mecha-Rex does sound cool, but there’s already been one.


Like I said earlier, each universe is its own continuity. Sometimes certain things cross over, but there has to be a way to make it work first.

I’m not discounting your idea, but even the games have to stay true to established canon in one way or another. It has to tie in with what’s already been established to maintain some sort of continuity. Militarization of the dinos after JWFK might not necessarily mean armor-plated Rexes on the battlefield. They could be used for other combat roles, other than frontline duty.

I can see a rogue government using trained Raptors or indoraptors for covert night ops, or assassination missions, but a Mechasaur sounds too farfetched for the current film timeline.

But we really need to stick with the main topic here - Carno. I don’t want to end up derailing the OP’s thread, as it’s a subject worth discussing.

I love Carnotaurus and I am here for her no matter what.


Dino Riders being a thing doesn’t nullify the endless possibilities of weaponized hybrids in JWA. Besides, I’d want mekka Rex to have less people and more cannons than that. I don’t want to derail this topic either. We can agree that having a dino like mekka Rex would be cool and leave it at that.