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Regarding Common Creatures Event

Hey Ludia,I’m Playing This Game Since 3 Months And I’m In Level 56 But Still Don’t Have Some Creature Like Tuojiangosaurus, Labyrinthodontia, Coloborhynchus, Pelecanimimus, Hatzegopteryx, Utahraptor ETC And Some Are Rares And SuperRares
Please Give Me Events Of These Creatures So That I Can Unlock Them To Make Stong Hybrids
Regard Abhishek

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They eventually cycle back. Might take a while but for now focus on the rares.


Hi Abhishek, the feeling is mutual :frowning:
Common creatures deserve more recognition especially for us higher level players (myself of level 60), and I’m missing Coloborhynchus, Toujiangosaurus, Bonitasaura and Pelecanimimus.

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I miss pelecmimus, bonitasaura, labrynthoda, colobrynichus, And much much more

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Somehow I was able to get Hatzegopteryx, Labyrinthodontia and Utahraptor. Strangely enough, I don’t remember playing the Earth Shattering event for Utahraptor. I think it was 'cas last year at this time I used to play JPB a lot, and just a tad bit JWTG. Back then, every battle stage had a new creature. I feel bad about missing such a good opportunity

Yes i also played in my previous account in which battle arena 7 gave a carnatorous

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Is there any way we can get back the old version? Without having it force us to update

Nope xd It cant

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Thank You But I Think Now In Medium Level For Me These Events Maybe Not Available.
But I’ll Wait And Try To Grab All Possible Events. :slight_smile:

I Can Understand That Feelings, Only One Thing We Can Do And Its Waiting…

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I somehow have Labyrinthodontia unlocked.

U might have been at the right lvl on the right time to get it unlocked