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Regarding Ferocity

Am I right to assume that as long as no other dino surpasses my sole LV 10 Erliphosaurus hybrid in Ferocity then my Daily Battle Events difficulty would generally still remain the same?

Asking since I want to introduce a LV 20 VIP Acrocanthosaurus to my Jurassic World along with upgrading a couple tournament tier legendaries to LV 30 and some lesser hybrids (like my Carnoraptor) to LV 30 too but won’t do so if they end up being broken and ruin my game’s balance.

Again context, my top 4 strongest Land creatures atm is a LV 10 Erliphosaurus hybrid, LV 40 T-rex, LV 40 Diplotator hybrid, and LV 30 Yutyrannus.

Hi there are 2 threads that can help you

These should let you understand everything about ferocity

Edit: or you can search up sionsith on youtube


I would not recommend getting a creature stronger than your Erliphosaurus. As soon as I got my level 40 Diplotator, now my strongest creature, I could only do 1 Clash of Champions battle a day because I had to keep using it.