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Regarding JWA post-CoVid

I understand that not all current measures will be kept indefinitely, but nevertheless I would like to request the following:

  1. Keep the Giga Scents permanent. I (and with me many others) have no spawns at my house. The best I can do is about 30 darts per hour with spawns at ~140m distance. The Giga Scents let me contribute in a meaningful manner to my alliance without requiring me to spend hours walking outside. I don’t necessarily want them guaranteed in every 6 hour incubator, but the same chance at getting one as getting a regular 5 minute scent would be fantastic.
  2. Keep the 350 darts offer, but reduce it to once per 24 hours. Speaks for itself, but mostly ties in with the Giga Scents. 350 darts isn’t nearly enough for a full Giga Scent, but without that offer it’s borderline impossible to properly dart during a Giga Scent unless you spin mad amounts of drops.
  3. Keep the increased range. Without the increased range I would be able to spin 1 drop every 15 minutes - if I’m lucky enough to drift towards it. With the increased range I can do 5, with 2 júst outside that range.

I’m not asking for 3 Giga scents and 1400 ‘free’ darts a day, but removing them entirely would be terrible. Please keep them in!


Once you can go out normally again, the game should go back to normal. It’s a going out game after all.

And I will. In fact, I’ve been able to the entire time. However, I would like to be able to do something from home as well.


You’re 100% correct, although I’ve been so much more active because of the Giga scents and dart offer. It is a “going out game”, but the Giga scents allow me to do more than I can without. I understand why they’re leaving, but they only spawn what already spawns in that area so i wish they would stay.

One thing I was afraid of is that players will get used to these changes and demand they stay. Personally, none of these changes should be permanent. It defeats the purpose of how the game is intended to be played. It’s wonderful for Covid. Not so much in normality.

This is a tough one.
On the one hand it’s great to have the opportunity to sit on the sofa at home and spend 3 hours darting dinos.
On the other hand it goes against the very ethos of the game to do this.

Now let’s look at it like this. Disabled people, and those who can’t get out can enjoy the game if we have Giga scents still available, and that’s got to be a good thing. These people are, through no fault of their own unable to play other than by using scents. So yeah, one Giga a day would be a good compromise. Plus an opportunity to purchase a 350 dart pack.