Regarding Player Names and Community Violations

I’ve blacked out the player’s name and the alliance’s name because I don’t want them to get into trouble, but I’m a little confused.

If a player is allowed to keep their name, how and why could it violate the Community Guidelines when I try to message them on the alliance chat?

And, for the record, their name doesn’t say anything bad, and I double checked to make sure I was even spelling it right.

The only reason I could think of is whatever filter is used to automatically block profanity is somehow under the impression that I was trying to bypass it when I wasn’t.


Depending on the players name, it s possible that it’s a religious reference, it happened to another guy a while back

I actually just googled the name, and all that comes up is a bunch of links to some social media profiles from India and a Wikipedia link to a famous Indian actor.

just post the name and the alliance…i can report it for you so you can call them out in chat going forward. :wink:



Hey there, Persianking44. Could you please send the original screenshot to our team here at so our team can take a closer look?