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Regarding 'Poukaidei'

Has anyone any idea about what is this ‘Poukaidei’, in the update trailer? As much as I remember, I saw a post saying that it is a hybrid of Haast Eagle and Deinonychus.
When I read it, I was extremely surprised because the night when I saw the update trailer, I dreamt of a legendary Haast Eagle hybrid (call me weird) which was Haast + Deinonychus, by the name ‘Poukaidei’ (call me super weird). The logo was sort of a weird bird (I can’t remember it’s shaping and looks clearly, only that it is blackish, somewhat Grylenken-ish in color) facing the ‘camera’ directly. And I am not lying. It might appear too detailed, it is because I dreamt of it in half-sleep. Awkward.


Haast Eagle
Harpagornis moorei
Terrible claw

Haast Eagle
commonly accepted to be the pouakai of maori legend


If my research is correct I think it means monstrous bird strong or strong monstrous bird

But just to tell you pouakai or poukai is a monstrous bird. In some of these legends, pouakai kill and eat humans. The myth may refer to the real but now extinct Haast’s Eagle
But I will consider it as monstrous bird

Look at the translation

monstrous bird…strong
poukai… Dei

And dei comes from deionoychus


seems justified to me.

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What about my dream.


Probably coming in next patch as seen in placeholder pfp


What do you mean logo

All I know is he’ll be there in 2.1

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What if Deinonychus isn’t involved at all?
What it dei is short for deity?

lol, maybe