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Regarding the COVID changes only lasting till April 1st

Can we pleeaase have the Giga scents or some variation on them remain in the game in some capacity (preferably with dart sales too, even if only once a week or so)?
They have made the game so much more enjoyable for me in spite of all the nonsense that happens in PvP, and the assortment of other issues that always seem to be present, and I’m not the only one. I am aware that irl moving around is meant to be a big part of this game, but with short-range spawns, special scents, strike tower and event spawns as well as DNA from other zones there is still plenty of incentive to do that even with Giga scents. In fact, you can even run a Giga scent while moving around to get even more spawns.

Do you want Giga scents to stay permanently?
  • Yes, as they are now
  • Yes, as they are now, or as similar to now as possible
  • As they are now but available less frequently
  • Shorter duration and available less frequently
  • As they are now but available only once in a while
  • Shorter duration and available only once in a while

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I know I would be really sad to see them go. Let us know what y’all think too.


would also like to keep the increased drone range. we’ve had it for nearly a year now ( a year at the point when luida cuts the cord). It has helped so much to reach just a few extra stops when distribution is out of whack.


I mean if giga scents get removed entirely I’m probably going to head out. It’s the only thing really keeping me interested in the geolocation section of JWA, and then without that I am left to the PvP arena. Which I don’t see being a fun use of my time lol


I would be ok with getting them slightly less frequently and having them only last an hour, but they’re great for allowing you to play from home (with or without the current situation). So I think it would be a bad idea for Ludia to ditch them entirely.


I suggest some sort of market deal available once per day where you can buy one giga scent for 50 cash or maybe 2000 coins or something.

I would also suggest the giga scent go down to 1 hour. Just to make them a little less overpowered as before.

With these changes the Giga scent would definitely be toned down, and would not control the games geolocation aspect. However it would still give us the benefits we need to keep the motivation to continue playing JWA.


I definitely wouldn’t mind paying a bit for giga scents and having them only last an hour. I usually can’t pay attention to the game for the full three hours anyway. But there’s nothing better for hunting zone-specific spawns. Without them, some epic spawns will be pretty close to unobtainable. Like a few months ago when I was in zone 4, even running giga scents consistently, I never found a single Troodon.


Perhaps you could win a Giga scent and maybe a couple hundred darts with your DBI every day, instead of having them handed them out with every free inc.


maybe everything ending on April 1st is just an April Fool’s joke… at least I hope it is :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is this fake??? I feel like this is a joke I mean april fools day is this true? Let me know

Thats what Im thinking

Ludia will end the pandemic before the start of April…this is great news for everyone :wink:


I’d actually prefer them to be shorter, although covid means staying home, not everyone has hours and hours to stare at the screen and dart dinos. I’d rather increase the epic spawn rate but shorten the time. As a ‘perfectionist’ I hate missing any opportunity to dart things I want, so whenever I use a scent I will have to have my phone staying on the map page for a solid 3 hours, it’s not healthy and takes away my time to do other things

I always switch to a 5 minute scent when I can’t sit for 3 hours. Did you not know you can do that?

Have they said anywhere that it will end start of April?

I wouldn’t mind gigas only lasting an hour, and/or being available less frequently or for a (reasonable) price. I think removing them entirely is a bad idea, especially if tier 10 Exploration mission requirements stay the same. Many alliances are only reaching t10 thanks to gigas, and suddenly doing a lot worse after a year of good rewards will be demotivating.

I’m also surprised to see the radius extension removed considering many people in the world still can’t go out and play, and considering drop and strike distribution has been messed up for almost a month now. I honestly expected that to be permanent considering it wasn’t that big of an extension in the first place (with how spread out drops are on the map, range should always have been that size).

I guess personally I’m always looking for something to help break my addiction to this game, and losing half my in-range drops (most of mine fall on the edge of my radius) and not having gigas to run while I watch TV helps with that, so… maybe I should thank Ludia!


you can switch between scents?
you do loose the giga scent if you use it tho right?

Yes and yes

Their covid thread. which is closed because of necro posting.


Thanks. Just spotted it.

does someone have a link?
what exactly did Ludia say