Regarding the newsletter

Hello. I subscribed to the newsletter and went to claim the in-game reward, but it keeps taking me to this page instead. Is that supposed to happen?


Hey there, Gabriel_Salazar, are you claiming the reward on the same device that your game is installed on? If so, and you’re still having trouble claiming the reward, please reach out to our support team here at with your support key and our team would be happy to assist you.


Hi there,
isn’t it a bit strange that I subscibed for the newsletter, received the reward but I have never received any more letters ever since (subscribed almost immediately the promotion was out for it)? Checked everywhere (spams, promotions etc) but found nothing.

There has only been one released, got it last Friday:

I received the same

Oh, thx! Checked it by date in ‘all mail’ category and finally found it. Guess I lost out on the reward this time around but managed to re-direct the newsletter to the proper folder. Should work from now on!


I have tried to subscribe to the newsletter multiple times, never once got an email about it. I think I know the reason though, is it mandatory to put your first and last name when subscribing? I have always left it blank since I don’t see the point in doing it but it always tells me that it went through and that I should wait for an email from them.