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Regarding the two turn instant invincibility


Actually, now Maxima should be better than Gemini. Gemini is made from 2 rares and an exclusive epic, while Maxima is made from a rare, an epic and an exclusive epic

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It still gains heaps of advantages over pretty much everything. It has armor, high crit, 2 rampages, immunity to most things, and a 2-turn invincibility, and now Ludia gave it a ton of base HP, allowing it to spare slots for about 7 boost tiers, which people tend to put it into speed so you get these abominations running around:

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I agree she needs a nerf but should still be stronger than Gemini

It’s already stronger, even if it lost 1 turn on the II, it would blow Gemini out of the water due to all of its advantages.

I mean after the nerf

Now that 90% of players on Gyro and above have it at level 30…

I was referring to after the nerf too. If it lost just 1 turn on II, it would still be way stronger than gemini.

well, the two turn invincblity made rajankylo better, right?

I don’t know. I was just saying Smaxima’s got heaps of advantages over everything else. If it is to be nerfed, swapping its II for gemini’s 1 turn invincibility would be one possibility.

I hated maxima before and now I hate it so much I will feel pain using it.

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Mine at the moment is easy to take care of. Has no attack boosts, only T10 hp, someone brings a Thor, my smax is dead most of the time.

Well, everyone has a high level maxima now. It only effects newer players. I never worked for Ardentis but have enough dna for level 29. Used my FIPs on gemini for 2-3 months and she is level 25.

But it doesnt matter how coveted the componets are tho. Its about the stats/movesets of its components. Just like with ProRat, before the nerfs, ProceRat was one of the best rares and so was Ornith. So imo, it deserved most of its stats Pre-Update 2.0, just not the HP

You do know this is probably unintentional and that they’re going to fix it in the next update right?

I wish it worked like that but it doesn’t

After a bigger nerf. Losing 2 turn II is not enough

No, I do not know, because at this point it could be either intended or not, and most clues seem to point toward intended.

It is 100% intentional. It’s even mentioned in the release notes.