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Regarding the Update to Boosts

I have an idea on how to rework the boost system, since this update has seemed to put non pay-to-win players at a big disadvantage seeing as how much more expensive boosting is, as well as players having to level their creatures more. I think the boosting system should be based on rarity not level. As an example, going off the 5 rarities and the 20 boosts to max out a creature; common creatures are allowed a maximum of 4 boosts in each stat, rares are allowed 8, epics 12, legendaries 16 and finally uniques are allowed to be completely maxed out with 20 boosts in each stat. I believe this will lead people to actually use uniques, and make commons less powerful, as they should be considering they are of the lowest tier in rarity. Also, I believe that 100 per boost as a flat cost is a bit expensive, either bring back the exponential system (2,4,8,16,etc) or have it increase by a linear amount (10,20,30,etc). If anyone has any feedback or thoughts I’d love to hear them!

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They won’t change it anymore I think…but maybe they let us get more boosts from incubator per week