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What is item needed to cast regenerate?

I want one! I hit for 300 and they regenerate for 400!!!

Then I get slaughtered with counter attacks and Domimate! :grinning:

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Your cleric needs one of these.



Hey, Lee_Maker

group : cleric (moonstone pendant)

1 ally : bard (sailor’s scarf)

self : fighter (medicine pouch)


Um,. You regenerate MORE than the damage done to you???

I know I sound like a broken record but pvp is broken IMHO. There is no way people with rares should be going against people with legendaries.

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If the skill level is there, and you move high enough up with just rares, of course you are likely to hit some people with legendaries. Then you lose some instead of winning and you drop back down again. It’s the nature of these kind of games.

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Well, I use COMMON items on some of my slots on most if not all of my heroes. Im at 5k+ ranking, and win over 90% of my battles.

Its not about the rarity of the items, or stats, but the ABILITIES.

You need to put a clear cut strategy together to win in pvp. Higher rarity does not equate to automatic winning.

Rarity just determines how many of an item u need to max it out. A max level common is very similar statistically to a high level legendary. Its just MORE common, so u find more and need more to complete it.

Legendaries are like trophies, few are useful, rest just look pretty.