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Regeneration doesn't work


Since the update.
Can confirm the cleric regeneration doesn’t work. Haven’t tested anything else.

Tommy's regeneration also not working

Yup doesn’t work


Agreed, I nearly lost tommy (lvl 9) on a first challenge before noticing he wasn’t regenerating…


Hey everyone, I’m sorry to hear that your regeneration abilities aren’t working correctly, and our team is aware of this issue. They’re currently looking into it, and we’re hoping it’ll be fixed ASAP.


Thanks Ned. Will they be addressing the XP glitch where it takes 2+ years to level up?


It’s been three days, have the fixed the bug yet?


Hey CanCyclist, sadly our team is still working on a fix at the moment. However, once there is more information, we’ll be sure to try and let everyone know.


You skipped my question and answered the person after me.


probably because you sound like a broken record and post the same thing in every thread


Just wait until you hit the “wall of impossible progression”. It will all make sense.


have been monitoring it for the past few days and while the taunt skill works the regeneration does not appear to be working for Tommus


Is there an ETA on the fix for this? It’s still not working.


I have been having the same issue and that has cost me rewards plenty of times. If anything when a characters skill does not work it often means I would have to choose if I wished to do smaller challenges and take safer routes. If I spend gold to do a challenge I will often have to choose another character.

If I do not it often I seem to find a secret room, I pause and consider avoiding the room but the rewards are often the best for getting some progress for my characters.
Most often choosing to try the room ends up in a wipe. :coffin:

:anger: I do find that when these things happen it is a HUGE loss when the gold is not something that is easy to come by. IT’s very frustrating :bangbang:

I remind myself of the insane grinds I have done in MMOs, I likely should not have to compare this game to a MMO but it keeps me going…
IT IS getting harder to hang onto hope I wonder if I too will eventually leave like so many other. :cloud_with_rain: