Regeneration has no sense


Somebody can explain me what is the point of regeneration? I see its a total failed skill. Its ok you come first, but it heals too less to have any pont, and after using, you losed your turn too.
I think you must rethink that, boys…


For example you fight against stego. You go first, do some damage and stego reduses your speed. Next turn if you choose to attack, you will kill him, but first it will hit you.
Instead of this use healing, clean debuff. You will get the hit, but third turn you will act first and kill him before his attack.
So it’s pure healing 25%


Ok, thx thats a good example. So its good for debuffing a speed decrease IF your basic speed is better. But if you use that, the stego turn is coming, so you might be healed and cleansed, but you take an attack after that. So with healt you are on the same level or mostly worst.
And its a very rare case, most cases is just a mistake to use it.


There are a lot of debuffs that need cleansing. It’s definitely one of the more tactical moves, but it certainly has a purpose.


I have had no difficulties with opponents using regeneration. My attack is always stronger than the amount it heals them. But timing it good, yes it can buy you another turn before knockout.