Reglas de las alianzas / Alliance rules

Cada alianza debe tener sus reglas en lugares donde se puedan consultar, para evitar que seas expulsado sin saber porque,y poder calificar cada alianza según como traten a los aliados.
Yo fui expulsado de monseur ADN 2 sin previo aviso y no se el motivo me parece poco honesto de su parte, si infringir una regla la verdad que no sé cuál a pesar que solicité las reglas.

Translated from Spanish

Each alliance must have its rules in places where they can be consulted, to avoid being expelled without knowing why, and to be able to rate each alliance according to how they treat allies.
I was expelled from Monseur ADN 2 without prior notice and I do not know the reason, it seems to me not very honest on his part, if I break a rule, the truth is that I do not know which one, even though I requested the rules.

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