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Regular player - level 12 - 3500-3800 trophies


I started to play JWA in the beginning of May, I am not sure exactly but at least two weeks before the “official” release. I had the major progress during the Summer holidays but when the school started and days became shorter I am more or less limited to darting creatures from the house. I don’t own a credit card and I spend my pocket money more for real socializing with my friends when we are outing, so I am F2P.
Anyway I reached level 12 and I am floating between 3500-3800 trophies. I have few 20 and 19 level legendaries and I am about to unlock my first unique - Indoraptor.
I am looking the others who are at about 4000-42000 trophies but are 5 five levels above me and with creatures same with 5 levels stronger than mine. So I guess that trophies 4000 is the another milestone - hard to reach.


I think your progression has been very good and you can perfectly be in 4000, at least when the tournament finishes. The average of my team is 21 (with a 23 and a 17) and before starting the tournament it was 4250. Now, even though my team has improved a bit, I’m at 4100. Interestingly, I still need to be able to have indoraptor (I have almost the necessary DNA of Indominus Rex but my velociraptor is still 19). Keep it up, first with the studies and then playing a little bit of this :slight_smile:


I’m in the same boat @anon31474549 . Started around the same time before official release. I’ve been living in Sorna Marshes for months, and I can’t crack 4k (although 3908 is my new high). I love the game, but as it gets colder and the days shorter and I’m trying to wrap up my doctorate it’s feeling more like a slog and an obligation than a pleasurable side activity. I like to have it on when I’m out running errands, or when my boyfriend goes out for Pokemon, but I don’t feel able to progress without paying or devoting time to it I simply don’t have. I guess casual play is our way forward. Compete less, enjoy more. Best of luck!


I’m going back to F2P and just very casual play. Right now I’m limited by coins as I have countless top dinos that can be leveled from 30K all the way to 70K coins each. I’m not going to burn myself out with this game as I did with Pokemon. As the weather goes cold, I’ll be getting back into my PS VR games.


I am kind of at the same trophies. For me it feels like, cracking 4k is a big challenge. Where I play/dart, I cannot get all the necessary dinos for making up new legendaries. So I am thinking to play-for-lose and go back to some 2k trophy level and start climbing back. This is the only way I can still continue playing, collect more coins, DNA and more importantly, I can enjoy. That being said, I am leaning towards using some unused epics/rares and some other higher leveled commons to climb back up. That way, I can still manage to continue enjoying the opposition.

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Not really that hard tho,its about how to outplay your opponent:grinning:
This kind of lineup should be enough


wow … it seems the strategy over the “power” or a good RND ( RNG) luck.


Lol at the 4 out of 8 stun team with Indom claiming skill when it’s rng based team


Great progress BTW for a ftp player I have been playing from same time but spent more than I would like to admit ROFL! :joy:

2 legendaries left to unlock (allosino and nodopatotitan) no unique yet doh!


Sounds just like my situation. Level 13 and hovering between 3600 and 3800. High 3700s most of the time.