Rejecting alliance requests question

I’m assuming that if someone requests and the alliance is full that they have to either get accepted or rejected before they can send a request to a different alliance. I’ve been rejecting so they can move on.Hoping to confirm this, thanks!

I just reject as well. I get 10 to 20 a day and its getting old at this point.

Pretty sure if you dont regect then they are stuck in limbo until the timer expires.

That’s what I was thinking and don’t feel right making them wait. I only booted one and that person had 0 trophies and the original two dinos at level 1.

I dont think they get stuck if you dont reject. They just need to request to several alliances and the one that accepts first will welcome the new member. Unless ofcourse the player only send request to 1 alliance…

We do have one member that doesn’t seem to donate as they should and it would be nice to know for sure :slightly_smiling_face: