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Rejoin "PvP"

I know that this topic is discussed somewhere in this forum but I didn´t find any specific thread for it.

I really want to be abled to rejoin the “pvp” fights. I think in this point I am speaking for the majority of the community. Literally everybody who plays “pvp” alot already knows that he is just facing a computer. There are just some new players which might believe, that they are actually playing real pvp. In my opinoin there is no reason to convince the few newer players about this pvp. I think it is more important to satisfy the older players, which are paying you via VIP membership much money.

I am writing this now because I am really anoyed about getting kicked out of the “pvp” battles so often. Just today I disconected in 4 battles out of 11 total I played today. I can´t know for sure but I think it is not because of my internet but rather because of your servers. I have no problem with disconnecting sometimes even if I have a proper connection but then I want to be abled to rejoin my battle.

I know it might cost you some money to implement this into the game. But since you already have the program to rejoin the battles in regular pve it can´t cost too much I guess. So please don´t ignore this suggestion and tell me what you think about this @Ned and @Keith.
Many thanks in advance!


I join for this suggestion, even there are still a hackers if searching of oppoments will be balanced, according to choosen team in battle. The battles should be fair.

@Ned and @Keith, could you at least react to this suggestion? I am not expecting this feature in the game tomorrow, but I just want you to say whether this is possible or something like this.

So you’re saying that PvP battles are not real? I often see some person’s avatar picture too so how come?

Pvps are not real??? Means that the eight year old kid with yellow T-shirt did not really defeat me but it was a computer ?? ? Haha joke…
If it is so then why does’nt Lydia says it openly??

They want to convince the newer players. The avatars are randomly shown in the battle.

I love how you out the term “PVP” in inverted commas,because we know upto what extent is it actually PVP

Well if it’s true then that’s just wrong. They must explain this.

However you’ll probably lose your turn unless you join back within 20 seconds.

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