Rejoining VIP for weekend strike?

Still considering whether I should rejoin VIP for this weekend’s strike event. I’m still getting 10 controlled shots as a non VIP and I got 14 controlled shots back when I was a VIP. That’s a 4 dart difference and 15 attempts equates 60 extra shots. Ludia, what are you doing to moi?

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Yeah I’m on VIP to maximise weekly event DNA alone!!! The potential for more epic DNA that practically never spawns is worth VIP alone IMHO

I rejoined to get my Indoraptor, it was effective.
Probably let it lapse when the month is up.
I don’t see the value.

Yeah…I have gone over the dark side. Rejoined VIP just now. Next thing I know Ludia announces next week that V1.5 is out and anyone joining VIP that particular week, regardless of whether they were members before, gets the epic incubator (excluding existing VIP members)

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