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Relationship status emojis

Has anyone else’s emojis for relationship status emojis gone down? 99% of my characters are offline for a while and all of their emojis went down from being at the heart eyes or love heart :neutral_face:

Hey there, strayblackcatXIII. Please rest assured that your relationship progress was not lost!

Our team did some rebalancing on the relationship icons to accommodate for the longer stories that were added, which will make room for some new goals :wink: .


Oh, well that’s a relief! It startled me when I opened the app. I’m glad the stories are being lengthened :heart:

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And still there should be more characters returning weekly and the unreleased characters too

Yes, there are many characters that are still unavailable who I’d be interested in meeting

Personally, this is an unfair adjustments for me. Why should my relationship meter affected just because the dev team wants to make the story longer? How is this even acceptable as an excuse?

Making the story longer shouldn’t have affected the relationship meter. Period!

I certainly didn’t get to HEART level with my match by skipping all the diamond💎 scenes!

Seriously this is very irresponsible thing to do in my gameplay :triumph::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Hey there, Zhoulifer. I totally understand that it doesn’t feel good to see a visual “setback” in your progress, and I would be happy to forward the feedback to our team. However, please rest assured your progress hasn’t been lost.

The relationship icons were rebalanced to accommodate for our longer stories, so while your relationship progress stays the same, our team added room for some new goals.