Relationship Status Upgrade?

Do certain matches require more times leveling up than the rest? Because most matches I’ve been in contact with requires leveling up two times to upgrade the relationship status, but Sam Knight hasn’t so far. And I have leveled up three times with him, but the relationship still hasn’t been upgraded to winking emoji. I wonder if that’s just the case or a bug of some sort?

Hi there, @donorys009, this is not a bug! :bug:
It just takes longer for some matches to open up to others. :blush:


I see… Thanks for the clarification, though I have no clue why Sam Knight takes a long time to level up considering he has been pretty flirty from the beginning. And if I remember correctly, before switching phones, it only took leveling up twice to upgrade relationship status with him. Leveling up relationship can be quite tedious too.

Some characters, I’ve noticed, have more opportunities to level up the relationship meter with more frequent reactions and premium dialogue options than others as well.


I found Sam to be harder to level up the relationship status compared to others as well. But then again I wasn’t overly trying to hard so it makes me wonder if some of my text selections have slowed down the process. :woman_shrugging: Who knows.

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I’ve noticed some characters have fewer options when it comes to diamond choice dialogue options and reactions than others making them harder to level up relationships with, so it’s not just you.

How many levels of relationship status are? I’m new and so far I have reached to “heart-eyed emoticon” with Rory.

I’ve reached the “heart” emoji but I’m not sure if there are more

Unknown what the highest is right now, but the highest you can achieve thus far that I’ve seen and experienced with those I’ve spent gems on is the red heart.

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