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Relative stats, at different levels

I levelled up my Smilocephalosaurus to level 20 recently, after the EL skill-based tournament, and after taking a look at its stats I realised that it can’t take out a level 20 Dracoceratops in one hit.

At level 26, the magic number is 3000, which is the exact amount of damage Smilocephalosaurus, Utahsinoraptor and Phorusaura can dish out on the first turn (Precise Pounce, Critical Impact and Instant Rampage respectively), enough to one-shot an equal-level Dracoceratops.

At level 20 however, the magic number is 2239. Utahsinoraptor does exactly that much, while Smilocephalosaurus, with 1119 base damage, falls short by 1. I don’t have a Phorusaura at level 20, and I haven’t checked the dinodex, so I don’t know for sure, but I’m guessing it also has 1119 base damage at level 20, since they’re equal (1500) at level 26.

Clearly there’s been a rounding issue here, and since Smilocephalosaurus couldn’t have a base damage of 1119.5, they’ve given it 1119 instead. But why not 1120? Sure, it would do 1 extra damage, but would that really make that much of a difference to non-3000 matchups?

I think if a creature can perfectly counter another at level 26, it should be able to do so at all levels. Especially if the alternative counters can.
Has this issue been brought up before? I’m curious to hear everyone’s take on the subject.


Never realized that before. I’ve always had mine boosted to t5, which does 1shot an equal lv and boosted DC. And Phorusaura has the same amount of attack at that level too.

More curious to know if Qaw and Qiew are related.


Not that i know of. I use the name because it was the name of my first character in WoW. I’ve been using it ever since.

Qoowl, thanks for clearing that up :slight_smile:
I was known as the rogue Tiel myself.
Anyway, got nothing to add to the topic, carry on!

Qaw is just a name I made up for my Paper Wings account, since it’s an interesting letter combination and I thought it sounded vaguely bird-related. I’ve been using it ever since.

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At level 21, the problem resolves itself. DC’s health becomes 2350, while Smiloceph’s damage becomes 1175. I wonder if this inconsistency turns up anywhere else.
In this case the difference is just 1 HP, but if it wasn’t an OHKO move, the difference would stack. And with multipliers, buffs and debuffs, it could make a more significant difference, although I don’t think it would negatively effect gameplay all that much.

That said, the “I refused to die” thread is still a thing, so it might well be significant.

After quite a bit of battling, I can say that that 1 damage difference affects more matchups than just Dracoceratops. Smilocephalosaurus (and, by extension, any other creature with 1500 damage at level 26, and a rampage move) should be able to 2-shot an equal-level Indominus rex with a single rampage followed by a basic attack, but it can’t. It still survives with that annoying 1 health.

Can it be? I checked my level 20 Dracoceratops today, and it had 2238 health! The 1119 has stayed the same across the board, but it seems creature health has been rebalanced.
Even my Indominus, which used to survive a Pounce and a Strike from Smiloceph at level 20 looks like it’ll be a 2-hit KO now.

That 1 HP difference really makes a… difference.

I’m impressed. First the DC rework I suggested gets implemented, and now this. Coincidence? :crazy_face:

Seriously though, nice to see this cleared up. Good on Ludia.