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Relatively new to the game-Test your Strength-Help

Quick question, I’m on the last stage on “Test your strength” and the limitations say “Only: CARNIVORES x3” which I have plenty of, but they do not appear in the select your Dino page. Any help? Or am I missing something? (below is what I see, like absolutely nothing in the select Dino screen)

Try turning your phone off for about three minutes then turn it back on sometime this will fix the problem

You need 3 carnivore hybrids !
I also played test your strenght today and I had to use 3 hybrids at the last stage , but these hybrids had to be carnivores :wink:
So when you don’t have 3 carnivore hybrids , you can’t complete the event


I can confirm you need the hybrids which is standard on the last stage of the test your strength.

The good news for those that don’t know you don’t have to fill your side of the board. You can select only one creature per battle and in doing so only face one opponent as well.

needs to be Carnivore Hybrids on the last stage.

Lousy reward still, a whole 120 DNA on the last spin.


Ahhh I see, need to play a bit more lol. Thanks for the help!

I got 500, my run of luck has just begun.


@Ludia please revisit your rewards!

This is seriously out of whack if the reward of playing 5 rounds of “Test your strength” equals watching 4 x 30sec add’s SMH