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Release a "legend of berk"?

I am sick of so many legends that I’ll never get points to train (or level beyond the first three stars) taking up valuable space in my roster. I’ve gotten better about avoiding events which would generate a new dragon,but the DF event is just the latest in which I lose yet another spot to a dragon I’ll never get to train or max.

If it matters, I am a casual player who doesn’t want to pay money for runes or anything. Everything I get in the game, is through grinding. My strategy has me saving up 4k runes about every 45-days or so then splurging on the premium draft.

Those dragons don’t actually take up roster space. They show in your roster, but unless you’ve actually acquired a copy, they’re just additional and surpass your max space.

Does that make sense? I feel like I worded that oddly. I.e if your roster has 96 spaces, those dragons make it 96 + 1, or however many. Either way you’re good to go. :slight_smile:

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That makes perfect sense, yes. I suppose I should have actually counted my dragons. I just assumed they take up space because when i’m done with a leveling spree, i see blank spots under them; they’re not in any special/shaded status. Thanks for setting me straight!

No problem! I thought that at first too, until someone else on here pointed it out. Gotta spread the word! :smile: