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Release note clarification

For the eremoceras, the ingredients are not specified. Does it use Megaloceras, or Eucladoceras? There is no indicator for what it takes like with the other 2 hybrids.

As it says its a hybrid, it must be eucladoceras

It could be with Megaloceros too. I would like this clarification too, as well as for the others (but they’re easier to guess).

Bingo with a capital B… if you look very closely at the shaded out horns of this beastie you can clearly see it has Eucladoceros’s antlers not the larger more wide spread antlers of it cousin the Megaloceros ! lol :grinning: :thinking: :grinning:

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It’s hard to tell, but if that’s true, it’s the best argument I’ve heard for one or the other. Could also just be an artistic choice. But if we didn’t know what it looked like, it could be either one. Some legendary hybrids like Dracoceratops and Monolometerodon are made from only common ingredients, so a common and and rare making a legendary is far from impossible.