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Release Notes 1.18.9?

According to the last 1.18.9 update released on the 9th Feb, you stated:

What’s New

  • Love is all around as Valentine’s lands on Berk!
  • Introducing the NEW Valentine’s Maeve’s Heart! Keep an eye on the skies for her arrival.
    - Various Dragon balancing and bug fixes for a smoother experience.

What bug fixes? WHAT BALANCING??? Unless I’m mistaken, can’t find any release notes on this last update ¬¬’


There’s no bug fixes. Alpha section is still a mess!

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At least I don’t have the recent loading screen bug any more. But it’s still unbalanced af


I had an interesting alpha battle last night:

Hopefully the correct image.

Come on! You can’t make balance on dragons and not give a full report! Ludia???

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Again, can you (Ludia) tell us what balances were made? 4 days waiting already

I think that after this update, many new fun features have appeared in the game.
For example, now you can’t get a reward from draft and alpha chests :slight_smile:

I was going to keep asking for what balances were made, but after the info in What could we hope from this game? I guess there’s no use on insisting.