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[Release Notes] Disney Wonderful Worlds | Update 1.6

Hello Parkitects,

A new update is now available to early access players!
Feel free to share your feedback or ideas in our Suggestions forum as our developers look forward to hearing about your experience in the game.
Read on for more details!


  • Land sections now require sc_icon_big to unlock.
  • Land sections have been removed from the Land Selection Menu - Simply tap on a Land’s shadowed area to unlock it.
  • Land sections’ unlock conditions have been rebalanced.
  • Due to the balancing of the Land sections, players might get refunded
    key_icon based on what they’ve currently unlocked in their Park.


  • New Levels have been added.


  • New loading screen.
  • New Wishes have been added.
  • Wishes’ system has been rebalanced.
    • Due to the balancing, Wishes’ progress has been affected.
  • Wishes’ timer has been removed.
    • However, the timer may appear in specific Wishes.
  • Overall visual improvements and changes to enhance the user experience.

Developer’s Comment: To all Parkitects: we’ve updated how you progress in the game for a better experience. Let us know what you think!

We’re also happy to announce that a new land will soon be added to the game! We’re sure many will enjoy this new area once it is available. Stay tuned for more!

For those who are still fervently awaiting to play the game, please know that we’ll provide more information about the release period as soon as we have more details. We know you’ve been waiting for quite some time and appreciate your support and continued patience.

As always, keep spreading the word to your friends and family to pre-register.

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